Ube Mamon

Ube Mamon is a smooth bite from heaven! Moist, creamy and deliciously flavorful with Ube, this mini sponge cake is the perfect breakfast or dessert.

Hi everybody! I’m Sanna from Woman Scribbles and this is my first time contributing to Kawaling Pinoy here. I’m so excited to share my baking adventure and can’t wait to meet all of you.

Baking is my passion and you will find many delicious baked goods on my blog. Nothing compares to the enticing aroma of warm, fresh bread from the oven!

Ube Mamon is one of my favorite dishes to cook, especially when I want something lighter and less sweet than a very crumpled cake or cupcake. I love making big batches every week for snacks for the kids or when we are stopped by an unexpected guest. They are also portable and convenient to take with you on long trips or to give as Christmas gifts.

I always get a warm welcome when I serve Ube Mamon, and with good reason! With soft crumbs, a hint of delicious Ube flavor and the perfect amount of sweetness, this sponge cake is a heavenly bite!

Tips on How to Make the Best Ube Mamon

Separate the yolks from the whites while they are still cold in the refrigerator. Do you know the easiest way to separate the yolk from the white? Use the funnel! The egg white slides through the funnel, leaving the yolk intact.
Let the egg whites stand for about 30 minutes before beating, as they reach their maximum volume at room temperature.
I love to use McCormick Ube fragrances, but I get equally successful results with the Ferna Flavocol brand.
Use a rubber spatula to gently fold the meringue into the egg yolk mixture. Make sure you fold 1/3 at a time to avoid swelling of the meringue. The air you put into the egg whites makes the sponge cake soft and fluffy.
I used a silicone cake cup that is 3 inches deep and 4 inches in diameter.
Please try this recipe to kill mammon; I’m sure you’ll want to buy this ube mini sponge cake for coffee or tea! Looking for more sweets to bake? You’ll love the chocolate goodness of my Swiss Black Forest Roll!

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