Make your family suppers additional unique with Morcon! This Filipino-style roulade loaded down with eggs, cheddar, pickles, and wiener is succulent and scrumptious with tart and exquisite tomato sauce. Ideal for family suppers or unique events.

What is morcon

Morcon is a famous Filipino dish regularly served on vacations and unique events. Like its European partner, this Filipino-style roulade comprises of a daintily cut meat moved around decision fillings like cheddar, eggs, carrots, pickles, bacon, and wieners.

The pre-arranged hamburger roll is first dish burned on high intensity to brown and seal flavors, and afterward cooked low and slow to consummate delicacy. The braising fluid, which is typically a blend of stock and pureed tomatoes, is then polished off with different flavorings to act as sauce or sauce.

Morcon is generally saved for occasions and extraordinary events, yet there’s not a great explanation not to consistently appreciate it more. Though tedious, everything necessary are three basic advances and kitchen twine to have this happy meat roll prepared for regular family meals.

Ingredient notes

Hamburger utilize modest, hard cuts of meat, for example, base round or toss broil that are ideal for braising. On the off chance that purchasing from the wet market or a Filipino supermarket, request that the butcher cut meagerly a la morcon.

Lemon juice-seasons and softens the meat; you can substitute calamansi juice

Soy sauce-adds umami flavor

Bacon-for a smoky layer of flavor; cut ham is likewise a decent choice

Pickles, sausages, carrots, cheddar, hard bubbled eggs-adds surface, flavor, and a happy look

Pureed tomatoes and meat stock/water-braising fluid

Liver spread-thickens and improves the sauce

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