La Paz Batchoy

There’s nothing better than a soothing hot bowl of La Paz Batchoy, especially on a cold rainy day. It’s packed with fresh egg noodles, flavorful broth, pork, chiharon, and raw egg for a rich and delicious soup that will keep you warm!

Unfortunately, my first encounter with La Paz Batchoy was the bowl of yellow foam labeled Lucky Me! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against fast food.

As much as I love to cook, pasta wraps are a staple in my house and I always have them in stock. In fact, one of my favorite fast foods is the Cantonese fried pancake, which is made with instant noodles.

These pasta cups have worked well for me, especially on the days I make lunch for work. But when a friend brought me an authentic homemade version of Batchoy to try and I got to try the silky noodles and the rich taste you only get from homemade, there was no turning back.

Of course, better quality comes at a price, as making batches from scratch requires less work. Only the beef and pork bones take hours to cook to get rid of the fragrant homemade broth. But oh baby, it’s worth the effort!

Can you imagine the incredible taste of the broth from all the marrow-rich bones on top? Liquid gold, friends, liquid gold. A piece of wisdom from someone who sweated for four hours to satisfy his craving for a stack of La Paz, has been taken to make homemade broth and keeps it in the freezer for his favorite soup!

What is La Paz Batchoy

La Paz Batchoy, also known as Batchoy or Batsoy, is a famous noodle soup from La Paz, Iloilo, made with pork, grated chicharon, beef stock and fresh egg noodles.

He is said to be from the Chinese community living in the La Paz neighborhood. Batchoy comes from the word “ba-chui” which means piece of meat in Chinese. Over time, Filipinos adopted it and found it to be the delicious noodle soup we know today.

La Paz Batchoy vs Batchoy Tagalog

Although both versions share pork and organs as common ingredients, the taste profiles of the two dishes are very different.

Batchoy Tagalog from Northern Luzon is made from pork blood mixed with noodles, chili leaves, and a ginger-based broth. However, Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy uses pork and beef broth seasoned with shrimp paste, fresh Mickey noodles and cooked bacon, sliced ​​chicory, fried garlic, and raw egg.

How to serve

  • La Paz Batchoy is delicious as a lunch or main course.To serve, place the egg noodles in a bowl, pour the hot broth over them, then garnish with the roasted garlic slices, mashed pork, scallions, and raw egg.
  • At specialty restaurants that serve batcha, customers usually sip and enjoy the soup first, then ask for a refill to finish off the noodles.
  • It is also common to enjoy soup with noodles with side dishes or pandesal.

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